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Unite for Growth: Embrace the Journey Together

Are you eager to fuel the growth of your business?

Our esteemed Agency Partners gain access to exclusive resources and benefits designed to support your journey of building recurring revenue and fostering growth. From networking opportunities to white-labelled resources for your clients, free hosting for your website, and a host of other advantages – we’re dedicated to assisting you, whether you’re just starting with your first client or aiming to unlock additional perks to elevate your success. Count on us to be there for you every step of the way!

Alliance Partnership to Drive Innovation and Market Expansion

Collaborative Partnership to Redefine Industry Standards and Foster Innovation

Cutting-Edge Tech Companies Forge Strategic Technological Business Partnership to Revolutionize Industries

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Project Consultancy

Having a one-to-one discussion with a Certified Server Administrator about your project or your client's project is truly an outstanding opportunity. We also value the support of our DevOps developers. This collaborative environment promises to greatly benefit the success and seamless operation of your own project or your client's project. We are eager to engage in productive discussions and harness our team's expertise to help you achieve your goals effectively. Together, we can work towards making this project a resounding success and delivering meaningful results.

Dedicated Support

Our premium dedicated customer support service is thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique requirements of our esteemed partners. Through this specialized service, our partners benefit from top-tier assistance and support from a team of exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We recognize the significance of delivering timely and dependable support to guarantee the success and contentment of our partners.

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Custom Server

We offer our partners the unique opportunity to create custom servers with pricing tailored specifically for their projects. Through this feature, our partners can have full control over the configuration of their servers, allowing them to select the exact resources and specifications that best suit their project requirements.

Marketing Collaboration

We are dedicated to cultivating collaborative partnerships with our esteemed partners, providing them with the chance to collaborate on diverse marketing materials or events to bolster their business growth. Through this collaboration, our partners gain access to a dynamic and supportive environment that accelerates their business growth and reinforces their presence in the market. We take pride in empowering our partners with effective marketing strategies and impactful events, driving success and mutual growth.

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Fostering Business Growth

Alive Hoster is deeply committed to cultivating collaborative partnerships with our esteemed associates, providing them with a diverse range of opportunities to collaborate on initiatives that fuel business growth. Our collaborative approach extends ample strategic opportunities and valuable resources to our partners, enabling them to achieve mutual success, magnify market impact, and cultivate a thriving ecosystem that benefits all involved parties. We firmly believe that through joint efforts and shared visions, we can elevate each other's potential and forge a path towards sustained prosperity and progress.

Redefining Industry Standards and Nurturing Innovation through Collaborative Partnerships

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The partnership offers freelancers an excellent opportunity to expand their client base.

public relations


The partnership offers agencies an excellent opportunity to expand their market through brand sharing.



The partnership presents incredible opportunities for startups to foster business growth through experienced and knowledge sharing.

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Clearing Up Your Doubts

Focus on your business and avoid all the Domain hassles. Our managed with
24/7 support that acts as your extended team.

Partnering with Alive Hoster entails a collaborative relationship between our company and yours, whether you are a business, agency, or individual seeking hosting services. In this partnership, we join forces to achieve mutual benefits and enhance our offerings in the market. Our strategic collaboration can be a smart move for your company or individual needs, as it provides access to reliable and robust hosting solutions without the burden of building and maintaining your infrastructure. By teaming up with Alive Hoster, you can focus on your core business while tapping into our expertise and resources, ensuring a seamless and efficient hosting experience.

No, If joining as a partner with Alive Hoster does not require any monetary payment, it can be an attractive opportunity for potential partners to collaborate and benefit from the hosting services and resources provided by Alive Hoster.

No, A partnership agreement is not a legally binding contract. Instead, it involves adhering to the fundamental guidelines provided in the partnership documentation. This agreement represents a Mutual Understanding (MoU) between you and Alive Hoster.

No, The Partnership MoU serves as an ongoing MoU. As long as neither party cancels the MoU, the partnership continues and remains mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

For partnership inquiries, kindly get in touch with us through our contact information.

You have multiple ways to get customer support in alive hoster.

-You can fill up the form on the Contact Us page or Portal with details about your queries or issue. Within 12H our support team will reply with detailed instructions about your message.

-In our official no. +880 1973 907196 or WhatsApp you can direct call our support centre for live support.

-You can chat with our support centre 24/7 through our website or portal

-You can chat with us through our social network. eg. Facebook/WhatsApp

-You can send offline mail to our office premises. Our Address- Alive Hoster, Ground Floor, Plot. PB-1/4 Road No. 23/2, Agrabad CDA R/A, Chattogram-4100, Bangladesh.

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Need One-to-One support for perfect Solution?

Compare our plans and find the right solution for your company. Or get in touch for a custom solution. Whatever you need, we can tailor your infrastructure and service based on your needs.

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